Vito Feldmanis – 5. Jun, 2017

Dear Members and Colleagues,
  Four years have passed since the first introduction of the General Knowledge Test. Besides replacing the English test of the past, the GK Test serves as a educational guide for adjudicators on Code of Conduct and several other subjects relevant to the duties and professionalism of the WDSF Adjudicators.   Nearly all licensed adjudicators have now passed the GK Test and the passing rate for new applicants has been very satisfactory, especially so after the introduction of the GK Test Study Guide.   In cooperation with WDSF Member bodies, the WDSF DanceSport Academy will now cease to conduct GK Test for all license Adjudicators and Chairpersons who have passed the test at least ONCE. There is no longer a need to repeat the test once every 4 years. National Bodies are requested to undertake the responsibility to implement National Training of adjudicators on the subjects covered in the GK Test, in particular the Code of Conduct. It is of utmost importance that adjudicators are frequently reminded on the Codes of Conduct since it is human tendency to forget.   In future, WDSF will only administer GK Test for new applicants of WDSF Adjudicator’s License and Chairpersons who have not passed the GK Test.   Any future important updates and essential information will be sent to National Member Bodies for dissemination or to be included in their National level training programme.    Thank you for your cooperation.     Regards   Shawn Tay Chairman, WDSF DanceSport Academy