Vēstule no WDSF! Uzmanību Latvijas WDSF tiesnešiem!

December 7th, 2020

Dear WDSF Officials (Adjudicators/Chairpersons/Examiners & Scrutineers),

As we all know, this has not just been a challenging year with COVID 19, but a historic year for DanceSport with the potential for the IOC to finally include a Dance discipline into the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. If this occurs it will be a huge achievement for the IOC to open the door to DanceSport.

At this historic time of DanceSport development, it is essential that we support each other and the WDSF as the leading DanceSport organization worldwide.

The WDSF confirms that its competition calendar is up-to-date and renewed by the WDSF office on a weekly basis. However, given the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, the WDSF cannot currently guarantee that all WDSF competitions scheduled for 2021 will be taking place.

As usual, at the beginning of each year, the WDSF provides a link to renew licenses for the current calendar year and pay the applicable fees. The 2021 renewal link will be sent on January 7th, 2021 0700 GMT.

Each official is free to decide when they wish to renew their 2021 WDSF license for use at the national and international levels. However, the fee is a fixed annual fee and cannot be apportioned.

The WDSF continues to monitor the global situation regarding the COVID-19, which blocks the WDSF competitive system and, accordingly, will keep you updated through the official channels including the WDSF website.

Best regards,
The WDSF Presidium