UzmanībuLatvijas WDSF PD tiesnešiem!

December 18th, 2020

Dear WDSF Adjudicators with PD license,

On 7th December 2020 WDSF Presidium addressed a notice to all WDSF License Holders (Adjudicators, Chairpersons, Examiners & Scrutineers) regarding 2021 fees. PD Adjudicators’ License Holders were not explicitly mentioned in the WDSF Presidium’s notice. Let me therefore inform you with this notice how PD Management Board decided to treat PD Adjudicators’ License Holders in 2021.

Due to the Covid-19 there was only one PD Open Standard and one PD Open Latin competition, both held in January 2020 in Benidorm in Spain. In spite of good will of the PD management and of the organisers of all other scheduled competitions the pandemic situation didn’t allow any further PD competition in 2020. Consequently, adjudicators who paid the annual fees for their PD licenses in 2020 couldn’t use them.

The PD Adjudicators’ License is additional and connected to the WDSF General Adjudicators’ “A” License. The PD Management Board decided to extend, free of charge the validity of all ACTIVE PD Adjudicators’ Licenses (paid in 2020) until 31st January 2022. Therefore, on 7th January 2021 no invitations will be sent for payment of PD Adjudicators’ Licenses in 2021. However, please note that currently active PD Adjudicators’ Licenses will remain active after 31st January 2021 only subject to the active WDSF General Adjudicators’ “A” License!

EXPIRED or RETIRED PD Licenses can be re-activated any time during 2021 upon the request of PD Adjudicators’ Holders submitted either through their National Member Bodies or directly to the address of PD Office ( ) or the address of WDSF PD Director ( ) subject to the active WDSF General Adjudicators’ “A” License and payment of the PD Adjudicators’ License Fee, which is reduced by 50% for the current year if the license is activated after the end of August.

A good news is that the vaccination against Covid-19 is starting or is going to start in a couple of weeks. This is the only way to enable the gradual re-opening of the competition floors for our athletes and adjudicators. Please follow the information in the Competition Calendar at the WDSF website.

I thank you to your support to WDSF Professional Division and wish you to remain healthy and optimistic regarding the future of our sport.

With kind regards,
Verena Sulek
WDSF PD Director