Uzmanību Latvijas WDSF tiesnešiem! Svaiga ziņa!

January 21st, 2021
Dear WDSF Officials,
Warmest greetings from the WDSF Academy and the Sports Commission.
In preparation for the reduced travel restrictions and resumption of our DanceSport competitions, the WDSF Academy and the Sports Commission will jointly introduce a series of online educational programs, with the goal of training our adjudicators and qualifying them with relevant licenses.
These programs are specially designed to be useful for WDSF adjudicators, coaches and athletes. Therefore, we will open this series of congresses to WDSF adjudicators, coaches and athletes.
For the first congress, we will focus on the Evaluation of the Quality of Standard and Latin Dances. For the Latin discipline, we will feature a champion couple from the WDSF Professional Division, Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus, with Stefan Green acting as the facilitator. For Standard, we will have Dmitry Zharkov and Olga Kulikova, with Anastasia Titkova as the facilitator. The role of the facilitator would be to raise frequently-asked questions on actions that will be performed by the lecturers. This will promote better understanding of the technical details presented by the lecturers.
The first of this series of congresses will take place on February 28th, 2021 starting at 9.00 CET. Subsequently, they will be held in April and June, with the exact dates to be announced later. In consideration of the time differences, the timing for the first congress in February has been scheduled for the convenience of participants in the continents of Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa; the time schedule for the second congress will be scheduled for the convenience for participants in Europe and the Americas.
These congresses are relevant to the fulfillment of educational requirements for licensed WDSF adjudicators for a period of two years.
New applicants can attend these congresses as one of the two congresses that they need to attend to obtain a WDSF adjudicator license. As this congress does not include other required information such as the judging system and the responsibilities of WDSF adjudicators, new applications must attend a second congress that fulfills these requirements at a later time.
We strongly encourage all of you WDSF adjudicators, coaches and athletes to take advantage of the convenience of the online educational program. Additionally, we are glad to announce that the program will also be available to coaches and athletes at a reduced price.
Learn more about the application process.
Shawn Tay
Chairman of the WDSF DanceSport Academy