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Latvian Sports Dance Federation
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LSDF operating principles

The purpose of the document is to provide insight into the operational approach and principles of the Latvian Sports Dance Federation (LSDF), which incorporates the organisation's vision, values and mission.


DanceSport is a personality-developing and aesthetically beautiful sport which demonstrates the ability of dancers to combine feeling for rhythm, posture, dynamic movement, artistry and partner interaction in a way that provides satisfaction for dancers and audience alike.

Engagement in DanceSport does not complete with the termination of a career as an active participant but continues as a lifelong element of a healthy lifestyle.

Involvement in DanceSport represents the possibility of systematic work with one’s body, strengthening of the willpower, developing a culture of relations, socialisation and team-work with a partner – all characteristics and skills that are especially useful in adult life.

To achieve outstanding results in terms of sport and recreation, involvement in DanceSport at as early age as possible is an advantage (it is the time when parents play an especially important role in child’s development). Hence, one of the tasks of the Latvian DanceSport Federation (The Federation) is to facilitate parental understanding of why DanceSport is a suitable and effective option for developing their child’s personality.

Parents need to consider several decision-making factors when stimulating their children’s interest and guiding them in DanceSport: factors such as availability of professional dance coaches or teachers; club activities and achievements of club dancers; professional level of organisation of competitions and objective assessment of achievements by active participants; obtaining teacher feedback on progress in dancing skills.

All of this can be captured in a nutshell – an environment where children can be involved in DanceSport; develop to their fullest and be assessed purely on the basis of their achievements; are able to participate in the progress of other young dancers; and can gain satisfaction from dancing in their daily life even after their sporting career completes.

The Latvian DanceSport Federation is an organisation that exists to provide long-term development. With that in mind, the Federation’s goal and aim is to put the following vision into practice:

“Each Latvia’s DanceSport athlete enjoys equal opportunity to exploit their potential in a fairly and professionally organised environment.”


The Federation bases its work on such values as personal growth, honesty, compliance, sportsmanship and satisfaction. These values determine the model of daily conduct for Federation’s officials, coaches, adjudicators, managers and dancers (athletes). Our expectation and trust is that our cooperation partners and other stakeholders also respect these same values.

Personal growth

We highly appreciate dancers’ efforts and targeted activities in improving performance through daily training, working with both mind and body to shape harmonious cooperation with their partner. We are especially delighted at the keenness of children and young people to improve their dancing skills, seeing the gradual development of not only outstanding DanceSport athletes but also culture- and aesthetically-oriented personalities who positively contribute to the development of society.

Our anticipation and expectation is that organizers, adjudicators, coaches and Federation’s officials work as diligently as the dancers themselves towards improving their skills and proficiency, by becoming esteemed experts and professionals in their field. We believe that DanceSport is a superb activity enabling individuals to improve themselves over their entire lifetime and find fulfilment in their daily lives.


By honesty we mean, first of all, an honest attitude towards oneself and one’s behaviour, as well as towards other members of society. Honesty is a standard of daily habits. It is manifested through conduct driven by conscience, openness in communication, responsibility in one’s actions and sincerity in the attitude towards the duties with which one is entrusted and in one’s relations with fellow people.

We expect that everyone taking part in dance competitions will compete honestly, based only on their personal performance, and we (the Federation) aim to rule out personal preference from assessment of competitors’ performance.

In its daily operation the Federation abides by the principle of lawfulness and we urge our cooperation partners to respect the same approach at all times.


The Federation is a professionally managed non-governmental organisation that operates in accordance with laws and regulations and the principles of good governance.

We constantly and systematically work at improving internal regulations by reviewing best practices and the guidelines of World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) as well as ensure compliance with applicable rules.


When emphasizing sportsmanship, we are guided by three Olympic values – excellence, friendship and respect. Seeking excellence is appropriate not only in one’s sporting life, but also in a dancer’s personal life. The key is not to compare oneself to others, but rather seek achievement of personal goals through positive and targeted activity.

Friendly relations with dance partners, club members and other dancers is of special importance in creating a better Latvia’s DanceSport environment to promote togetherness, cheerfulness and optimism among dancers.

Respect reflects the principle of ethics, which all DanceSport participants and stakeholders should follow. This means self-respect, not harming one’s own body, respecting other participants, respecting the rules and the environment.


Dancers’ daily activity is fulfilling both when training as a couple and individually or when preparing for competitions, as well as when forming part of the dance environment to which we belong.

We believe that achieving truly meaningful success occurs when performing one’s work with a feeling of fulfilment.


“Latvian DanceSport Federation is an organisation, recognised by the Latvian state authorities and the World DanceSport Federation, it manages and develops the environment for active DanceSport athletes regardless of their age and sex, improves the dance clubs’ system and organises recognised competitions according to the principles of good governance, professionalism and value-based conduct in all the activities of the Federation.”